Rabbids Wild Race

Rabbids Wild Race
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In Rabbids Wild Race, you get to race alongside some very cute rabbits in a fun side-scrolling adventure. It's time to go rogue, so freshen up those bunny outfits and pack a jetpack. Organize a crazy race and invite your pals to participate! Do your best to avoid danger and hazards! Accumulate currency to purchase wacky clothes. To anger other players, use some dirty tactics. Is this wild anarchy something you can stay a part of for very long?

How to play Rabbids Wild Race

What exactly are you hoping to achieve? Win! There are 32 other competitors for the final spot. Compete against other pilots in a thrilling air race. Accumulate currency and stars as you evade the other wild and mischievous rabbits out to stop you. Keep your distance from the red laser things. They will cause you to lose the round and get burned. You have to fight aggressive Rabbids with blowtorches and plasma rifles, and you can move forward by jumping on other players and using shields you've collected to protect yourself.

When you see a green platform, jump on it to speed up your progress; when you see a red platform, don't bother with it. In the Rabbids' Wild Race, you and your team of mischievous rabbits must see how far you can get in the air while collecting as many stars as possible. You'll need to make good use of your jetpack's evasive abilities and the ability to bounce off of other players to keep them from claiming victory.

Tips and Tricks

Beware the second your shield fails. There's a white wall up to emphasize this particular moment. If you step over the line, the other 31 Rabbids can leap between their bodies and smack you if you cross their path.

When the race is over and you return to the main menu, you can use the stars you collected to purchase new armor. With this protective gear, you'll be able to take more hits at your next competition. Earn coins by playing games and use them to buy Rabbid's new and exciting clothes.

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How to play:

How To Play Rabbids Wild Race