Vex 7

Vex 7
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This legendary test is available again in Vex 7 so see how far you can go! Challenge yourself on the most lethal platforms ever conceived, complete daily objectives, and earn rewards as you amass a treasure trove. As your protagonist makes his way through the dangerous maze, collect your goodies and give him new outfits to wear.

How to play

Vex has embarked on another another mission with the potential for death, and you are more than welcome to accompany him! As you make your way from level to level, you'll have to scale walls, use air strikes to defeat armed adversaries, and avoid spike traps. With this infinite mode, you'll be challenged to set new high scores and rewarded with more currency for your efforts. You can get past laser-activated security cameras and into previously inaccessible areas by using the double jump potion. Now, follow the on-screen prompts to advance to the first level by advancing past the platform. Slide, leap, and sprint with the arrow keys. The best way to reach higher ground is to repeatedly leap upward. Hit foes with the space bar and smash glass blocks to advance. Learn to react quickly and explore all the levels.


  • Illustrations in 2D with lots of color
  • Enhanced Vex Ranks
  • Alternative game modes
  • The daily grind has its perks.
  • Free DLC Skins


The game begins with a brief level map instruction that explains the basic gameplay mechanics and some of your stickman's special moves, as is customary in Vex games.