1 votes. 5 / 5 is a humorous arcade game in which you take control of an imposter and attempt to attack the territory of other players while racking up as many points as you can. To win, you'll need to give everything your own unique shade of paint in this game. Battles with other impostors over territory are possible; you need just capture them. Take the top spot on the scoreboard by being the best player in this io game.

How to play

A little fake was dispatched on a crucial mission to the VA-25634 space station. Choose your favorite phony and get started on your mission straight away! In order to expand the land, you must command your impersonator to march in any direction you choose. Take control of the whole station area by conquering and holding territory. As the imposter leaves its domain, it opens itself up to attack and leaves a trail behind it. Invading the lands of other impostors to expand your own is nothing to be scared of. Put an end to them by biting their tails. Keep your tail safe if you don't want to perish quickly. Any damage done to your tail will result in a loss.


  • Infamous impostors of various hues
  • An Ease to Play with Fluid Movement
  • Exciting visuals and a lively soundtrack
  • The mouse or touchpad can be used for navigation.

How to play:

Touch screen on mobile device to control your character movement. For desktop use mouse or keyboard (WASD / arrow keys).