Ball Rush

Ball Rush
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Keeping your eyes on the track in Ball Rush, an endless runner game, takes pinpoint accuracy. Try to amass as many gems as possible as you race the bright ball along the neon circuits. To extend your journey into the depths of space, you'll need to weave in and out of traffic and obstacles.

How to play

You must swerve left and right in this hard arcade game to avoid the gigantic crystals and other obstacles in your path. A cloud of stardust will be all that remains if your ball crashes into one of the obstacles. In Ball Rush Runner, you'll need quick reflexes to avoid getting knocked down by the game's nasty roadblocks. If you are excited by challenges with fast-moving balls, you will appreciate this game. The further you progress, the more difficult the game becomes. There are 48 playable skins in total, and you may unlock them by collecting gems. Sometimes you can buy a respawn so that you can continue playing after dying.

How to play:

Use mouse or arrow keys to move the ball aside to avoid obstacles.