Baby Bake Cake

Baby Bake Cake
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Baby Bake Cake is a cake-baking game where players may practice their culinary skills. This is where you'll gather your materials, decide which fruits and other ingredients to include, combine them, select your baking tins, bake your cake and decorate it.

How to play

To prepare the cake or pastry batter, click and drag the appropriate ingredients into a basin. There are more than twenty-five different cakes here just for you. Plain cakes can be circular or square, with just one layer of frosting or jam in the center. Certain cakes are baked under more peculiar circumstances. Choose a dessert from the menu, and you'll soon be baking it.

How to play:

Play this cake baking game, you can really feel the baking process so easy and learn while playing! Come to challenge levels and unlock sweeter cakes!