Electron Dash

Electron Dash
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If you're looking for a thrilling running game with rapid gameplay and beautiful 3D visuals, look no further than Electron Dash. Collect as many hearts as you can while helping a sprinting astronaut get as far as possible. Never lose sight of the fact that you should be aiming for the furthest possible advancement and the highest possible score.

How to play

To play, you'll don the uniform of a space traveller and set off to discover the vastness of the cosmos. In this game, you'll guide your character into an endless wormhole. Freely explore the tunnel's side passages. There are many risks and difficulties to be found on these routes. You may also use the tunnel as a jumping-off point to save yourself from falling through the floor or hitting an obstacle on the way up. The higher your score, the longer you can run. The stars appear to be rooting for you to keep making progress. There's no use in playing if you're going to lose because of a tumble into outer space. The top scorers will be featured on a leaderboard.

How to play:

Players can use the "WASD" or "ARROW KEYS" keys to go forward and up, respectively.