Basket Battle

Basket Battle
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Take up the challenge of Basket Battle against an opponent. To win, you must outscore your rivals in terms of both field goals and free throws. Use a higher tossing motion. Pick it up and toss it in the hoop from up high. Go for the win in this exciting virtual sporting event. Enjoy!

How to play

Your character feels a little dizzy in this unique basketball game. Practice your aim and tactics to see if you can come out on top in each match. Keep your grip steady while you aim, and let go to launch the ball into the air. Don't let go until you've gotten a good aim, then let go to send the ball soaring through the hoop. You need to have a faster reaction time than your opponents to get the ball into the basket the required number of times. To the extent that your dunks go in, you'll get coins. Use your coins to buy new balls and caps to level up your character and improve your game play.

How to play:

Click or tap to throw