Slap & Run

Slap & Run
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In the hilarious arcade game Slap & Run your mission is to slap the competition as fast as you can while staying alive. Enjoyably wreak havoc on unsuspecting citizens as you rise to the top of the city's slapper rankings in this entertaining game. Avoid being captured by the crowd by dodging obstacles and missiles and keep slapping until you can't slap any more. Can you handle the pressure?

How to play

Put on your slapping gloves and go on a slapping rampage; no one is safe from your wrath, not even the smiling couples, the placid bikers, or the roving police officers. You can knock out your foes with a single, powerful strike if you use both hands. An indestructible pair of slapping gloves and a pair of powerful palms are provided for your use in this amusing task. When he's the one getting slapped, you get to take control of your character. In order to get closer to your enemies, hold down the character's movement button and slide left or right. Kick your protests to a successful conclusion and knock out your opposition with one final hard strike. From the main menu, you may also choose to improve your character's speed, money and kicks.

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