Mob Control

Mob Control
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As an arcade game, Mob Control simulates a mob attacking a citadel. where the player must dispatch stickmen invaders to take out red enemies and capture opposing castles. This free web game has you shooting small running figures as they try to enter portals that would either multiply them or add new soldiers to your army.

How to play

As a rule, each blue stickman will defeat off a red one, and vice versa. The red enemies will need to be defeated before you can continue on to the castles at the end of the trail, so you'll want to dispatch a sizable army. Nevertheless, your foe won't sit back and wait to be attacked. They'll also send in the red army to take out your cannon. You'll want to avoid the red portals at all costs, since they'll cause you to lose soldiers, and maximise your usage of the blue portals so that you may progress through each stage. One soldier can be sent at a time, but you can boost your numbers by passing through the blue numbered barriers on the path to the opposing castle. Success and happiness to you!

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How to play:

Mob Control is a tough game in which you and a team of stickmen take on hordes of opponents. You can also cruelly increase your team size by recruiting more stickmen. To direct your stickmen's cannon to the desired location, simply swipe horizontally.