Giant Wanted

Giant Wanted
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Play as a sniper and eliminate the bad guys in Big Wanted! Raise your sniper rifle and guard the castle. You have a very little window of time to prevent complete disaster from befalling the city and its inhabitants. The giants have a lot of firearms. Get your hands on some ammunition, take aim, and fire! It is your chance to prove that you deserve to be called a hero.

How to play

A sudden catastrophe has struck, and your city is in complete anarchy. When you prepare to fire, you can watch the monster charge the humans. Take aim at the giant's head with the monocular to strike at its Achilles' heel. You can buy more health and ammunition with the money you earn by killing giants. No titan can stand a chance against your well-aimed bullets and devastating attacks. Leveling up allows you to boost your weapon's damage and have a greater effect. If you complete the levels in the game, you'll get access to better weapons for further tasks.


  • Quality 3D animation.
  • Rewards and progress that may be unlocked.
  • Changes to both damage and revenue.

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How to play:

The operation of the game is simple: slide aiming, release shooting, easy to shoot and kill the enemy.