Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher
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In Bucket Crusher, you use a circular saw to systematically destroy buildings. You can use the money you earn to purchase new features and equipment after feeding the bricks into your Bucket Crusher.

How to play

Casual gamer objectives in Bucket Crusher include the destruction of buildings and the crushing and disposal of various items. The player's objective is to gain money through crushing in order to purchase more powerful demolition tools. Their mission is to tear down a wall made of red bricks. It may look like a basic building task, but the player can't move further in the game unless they crush enough bricks. Upgrading the machinery to a point where it can reach and crush enough of them is possible, but it takes more effort and money to do so. You can turn the bricks you remove and push into your Bucket Crusher into cash. You can keep going until all of your fuel is used up. In order to succeed financially, the player may have to restart the level multiple times.


  • Simple yet satisfying gameplay mechanics.
  • Dismantle a variety of mosaics made of brick.
  • You'll collect money for every brick you own.
  • Power up your equipment by upgrading it.

How to play:

Just tap and direct your bucket crusher to the wall and start destroying it!