Going Balls

Going Balls
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Going Balls, to earn the highest score possible in this enjoyable online arcade game, you must roll the ball the farthest distance possible. Take on your opponents for the highest score as you desperately try to avoid smashing into the side barriers while constantly changing directions. Are you prepared to navigate these streets and take pleasure in the engaging visuals and demanding gameplay?

How to play

In this game, the player controls a little ball that may roll about on an infinite number of specially designed platforms. The goal of each stage is to get the balls to the end of the level by rolling them down a road high in the sky. Slide the touchscreen or use the arrow buttons to guide the ball down the elusive wooden track. Several levels with varying settings become available to you after Level 1. In the latter stages, the setting will shift, and you'll be treated to new and beautiful vistas. Keep swiping or touching to keep the ball moving; it will go a short distance with each gesture. Very certainly, the roadblocks will shift and become more difficult. New skins may be unlocked as you complete the levels and gather the coins along the way. Find out how long your journey will last!


  • Pictures in dazzling three dimensions and vivid color.
  • Infinite Game Modes.
  • Capabilities of intuitive understanding.
  • Enjoyable gameplay that slows you down while still providing a good challenge.

How to play:

Use to move - Swipe - WASD - Arrows