Mental Hospital Escape

Mental Hospital Escape
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Playing Mental Hospital Escape is a fun and challenging experience. Is this game going to put you in a situation where you feel lost and confused? As the player, you have been committed to a psychiatric institution and must find a way out! Something went wrong, and this got closed. Attempt to get away as best you can!

How to play

To get out of the hospital and back into freedom, you'll need to straighten up your head. A mistake has been made, but they refuse to admit it and let you go. As such, you need take all precaution to safeguard yourself and strike at the appropriate targets with sufficient power. While the idea you have in mind is excellent, putting it into action may prove challenging. Evade capture by using the room's contents as a map. You will have to open a lot of locks, fight some physicians and go through a lot. Your only job is to figure out what to do next based on the clues you find, gather the necessary items, and then execute the plan. Will you take the necessary steps to regain your freedom?


• 2D vivid visuals

• Accessible helpful hints

• Challenging puzzles

• An interesting story

How to play:

Look for clues in the room and escape from the mental hospital.