Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone

Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone
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Join the worms in Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zoneTo survive as the circle closes in, you must eat other worms and stickers to grow in size, find rare power-ups, and avoid being eaten yourself. Strategy for winning "the worm game" Take in as much food as you can and grow to be the largest snake in the arena! Ready to play your first game?

How to play

Gain size by consuming stickers and other worms, explore the environment for rare power-ups, and try to avoid being eaten as the circle closes in. There are three game modes: one in which you have five minutes to reach the summit; another in which you have an infinite number of battles in which you strive to crush your opponents under your weight; and a third in which you compete to collect the most gems. Larger worms may attempt to encircle you or speed up in order to force you into collisions with them. It's possible to increase your earnings by beating other worms, gaining weight, and completing side quests. While there will be many worms trying to stop you, you can win the battle by training and leveling up your worm.


Cute outfits for cartoons

Choices for personalization

Expandable capacities

Facilitators and incentives

Intense gameplay modes

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How to play:

How To Play Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone