Shortcut Run

Shortcut Run
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Shortcut Run makes cheating more enjoyable than ever before! Because we're about to go for run, we hope you're an energetic person and not simply a couch potato. It's completely good to be a couch potato, though! You may simply enter this race since in this one, the cheater prevails! Are you prepared to outwit the competition and claim victory in this race?

How to play

You're going to take part in a race! Fun will be had, they assured. They are blissfully unaware that we can hardly manage 5 steps every day. But we've heard the victor gets paid. Although we can't speak for you, we think it sounds nice. Shake a leg, then start preparing. To succeed, we simply need to be shrewd; we don't need to be Usain Bolt. You want to reach the finish line first, that's your goal. You will go last at the beginning. So you must figure out how to be the first.

You only need to left- and right-click your mouse to move your character. Many floorboards will be lying on the ground as you sprint by them. Compile them! The game's outcome will depend on it. I believe it would be unfortunate to leave them there. Build as many of them as you can to create bridges that will let you cross water. You'll be able to accelerate and surpass everyone else by taking this route. Be careful not to fall into the water. To get more money, attempt to click as quickly as you can to leap as far as possible can once you cross the finish line. Lucky you!

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