Cat Runner

Cat Runner
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If you enjoyed Talking Tom Gold Dash, you'll love Car Runner, a fun cat-running game in which you follow after the thief and discover new, uncharted worlds to run through. To discover new planets, you just need to race quickly. Take off on a high-speed chase after the thief, dodging fast-moving vehicles and trains. Spend countless happy minutes playing with your cat.

How to play

In Talking Tom Gold Run, you can go back and forth between an infinite number of worlds while you pursue the thief. On your path, there are many challenges. Go on a speedy errand of discovery to distant planets. You'll slack off or even fall into the thief's hands if you run into any of those barriers. Keep in mind that you can always utilize your skateboard or any of the other vehicles you've unlocked. Finally, it's worth noting that you'll pick up a lot of cash along the way. You can use those coins to buy new skins from the shop. In this never-ending runner, you're out to get your gold back after being robbed. Play the game with care, finish the daily objectives, and get your daily awards.

Key Features

An engaging gameplay experience

It has some beautiful, vibrant graphics.

Using it is a breeze because of its user-friendly design.

This game's controls are quite easy to master.


Go in a leftward direction (left arrow).

Directional Arrow Right: Proceed Upright shortcuts: down arrow = slide

The Cat Runner is only one of many free and online 3D games we provide.

How to play:

How To Play Cat Runner