Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena
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You've entered Hungry Shark Arena, a deadly shark game. You have to escape the chopper and jump into the ocean. The combat royale game you're playing underwater has turned into a real one. We hope you like the game.

How to play

Eat other creatures to make your shark bigger and better. It all depends on the size of the shark, but you may feast on everything from little fish to underwater divers. Swim into your victim or left-click to boost for a more lethal attack to consume food. Use your tusk as a weapon and devour the flesh of your opponents to rise to the top. To become the most dreaded predator in the water, you must continue to develop these skills. Make sure you stay inside the constantly shifting bounds and watch out for mines.


  • Fight the aquatic foes by impaling them in battle
  • Get larger and stronger by feasting on their corpses.
  • Pick a handle you won't use anywhere else and use it in the game.
  • Gold may be used to upgrade to new sharks with new stats and skills.

How to play:

How To Play Hungry Shark Arena