Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall

Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall
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The Holi Festival map breathes new life into the tried and true Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall gameplay with its colorful waterfalls and delicately dusted columns. Help this courageous treasure hunter make his way through the vibrant orange woodland, dodging traps and evading moving foes like venus flytraps, and make his getaway with the priceless golden idol. You're still being pursued by the nasty monkey creatures. Are you up for an exciting new journey?

How to play

In the new endless runner game Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall, the player must escape from the clutches of demonic monkeys while avoiding traps and other hazards. Help this courageous explorer locate the golden idol in the midst of the orange jungle. Risks like cliffs and never-ending zip lines await you as well. Take care to avoid the Venus flytrap and other traps, as well as the roaming foes that inhabit the level. On the other hand, hurry up! Please don't be late! You can add a splash of color to Temple Run 2 with the help of the Jungle Fall. Enjoy the changing of the seasons while using a new road map to locate love.

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How to play:

How to play Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall

  • The up and down arrow keys, or the A and D keys, can be used to move.
  • Press W or the up arrow key to jump.
  • Slide down: S or the down arrow