Slope 3

Slope 3
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If you liked the first two games in the Slope series, you'll love Slope 3. Get a good score by steering a ball down a hill while keeping it away from various hazards. But watch the ball and the endless racecourse with extreme caution. Reflexes and responses may be honed through high-speed games.

How to play

Your objective is to keep a rolling ball under control as you navigate hills and obstacles. The slopes are filled with wacky moving hazards, dangerous pits, barriers, and challenging stuff. Get the ball rolling as far as you can without hitting any barriers or going too far into space. If you keep going, the ball will get to the finish line much sooner. When you land from a leap, you'll gain one point toward your final tally. Because there are no checkpoints or ending points in this game, you'll need to maintain ball possession for as long as possible.


  • Neon 3D visuals
  • As time progresses, the stages grow increasingly challenging and random.
  • There are several deadly barriers, like deadly pits and walls, that you must overcome.
  • Check out the leaderboard to see who the greatest players are and challenge yourself to beat them.

How to play:

How to play Slope 3

  • WEST ARROW = Stop Left
  • SPACEBAR = Back to Previous Menu
  • Take into account the effects of gravity and avoid danger. Do your best to avoid colliding with the red barriers.