Crossy Road

Crossy Road
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Crossy Road, created by Hipster Whale, is a famous arcade game that plays much like Frogger. To win at Crossy Road, you must avoid obstacles like cars, logs and trains while amassing a fortune in coins. You may use the money you earn from the road game to buy cool new playable characters.

How to play

The game's protagonist is a chicken that suddenly appears from the bushes and crosses the street in the midst of a massive traffic jam. It's up to you to ensure the chicken's safe passage across the road. Your chicken might be crushed to death under the tires of your automobile if you aren't paying close enough attention and moving at a safe speed. Your hen will attempt to go across various obstacles, like roadways, railroad lines, rivers and gates. Find some gold coins along the route. They're useful for upgrading your existing party or unlocking whole new ones.


  • Roads, railroads, and rivers may be crossed in an unending hopping loop.
  • Multiplayer on the Same Device
  • A fun to play game that is simple, unadulterated and original

How to play:

Use WASD or the arrow keys to navigate.
Earn tokens to play as other characters.