Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows

Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows
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The endless runner Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows has been released. Like its predecessors, this game is set in an abandoned temple, but this time the environment is frozen and there is a palpable sense of winter. It is the player's mission to get away from her foe while avoiding any and all traps and hazards that may be in her path. Will you take the plunge and join us on this high-stakes adventure?

How to play

Snowman-looking creatures who are actually half monkey and half demon dominate the region of Frozen Shadows, making it one of a kind. The Frozen Shadows map enhances the basic Temple Run 2 experience with new features and challenges, such as freezing tunnels, tiny ledges of ravines, and the perilous ice skates. As the player, you must help the gold idol get away from your antagonist while avoiding any and all traps she sets up along the way. Extra points may be earned by performing incredible acrobatics while playing the game.

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How to play:

  • To move, press either the up or down arrow keys, or the A and D keys.
  • Press W or the up arrow to jump.
  • Simply use the down arrow key (or the S key) to slide down.