Temple Raider

Temple Raider
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Play Temple Raider and make your way out of the temple alive! You may have evaded capture in several temples, but these jaws will prove far more challenging. Collect as much ancient gold as you can on the run, but don't stop to eat because of the monster following behind you. Quickness is required. How far can you run?

How to play

An obstacle course run would be a cakewalk compared to this one, where you have to avoid falling off a cliff while an ancient monster chases you. To avoid hazards and gather gold, you can either sprint straight ahead or slightly to the left or right. Avoid the fire assaults, spikes, blocks, and other traps that the temple has set up by jumping or ducking. Gain access to more jewels by collecting the idols and opening the chests. Create new benchmarks and add the best character to your roster.


  • Eye-popping, three-dimensional visuals
  • Reflex and motor skill enhancement
  • Playable Protagonists That Can Be Unlocked
  • Modifications and Boosters
  • Engaging and never-ending fun


Make as much distance as possible by running. Accumulate gold, statues, and other relics. Gain access to new playable characters, abilities, and levels. Try to achieve the maximum score possible by dodging the many hazards.

How to play:

How To Play Temple Raider