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Get ready to win in Hurdles by lacing up your running shoes, warming up your muscles, and focusing on your competition. Make your nation selection and then compete in the hurdle race. In order to reach the finish line first, you need practice perfecting your jumps over each obstacle. In this exciting online track and field game, your goal should be to complete all 12 races with the highest potential score total.

How to play

The goal of hurdles is easy and entertaining. In order to succeed in the game, you must always come in first position. Choose a sportsperson and then a difficulty. It is necessary to leap over the barriers in order to go ahead of the competition. The higher your score and your speed, the better your leaps must be. Jump over obstacles and get ahead of the pack by precisely timing your movements. In total, there are 12 challenging stages to conquer. You start with just access to the first, but more will become available as you go through the game and accomplish previously locked levels. Have fun!


  • Animated, textured, and colorful 3D images
  • There are 12 separate stages to beat.
  • There are eight distinct countries to choose from.
  • Minimalistic interface

How to play:

How To Play Hurdles