Danger Dash

Danger Dash
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Danger Dash is a runner game for those who aren't afraid to test their reflexes to the limit in a high-stakes race to the finish. You must race through the forest, overcome dozens of perilous challenges in a long-lost city, and cling to your own existence in a mystery temple.

How to play

Play this high-speed running game and see whether you have what it takes to win! Use swipes to control the direction of your runner, and get him through as many obstacles as possible. The pathways through this dense jungle are littered with obstructions and other hazards that will cause you to trip and fall. If you're quick on your feet and able to change lanes, you can easily hop over and slide under them or otherwise go around them. Pick up coins from defeated enemies and use them to buy useful powerups from the shop. Get as far as you can before you die!


  • Vibrant 2D imagery
  • You can try again for the reward if you die.
  • Abilities that can be improved
  • Bonus experience is available for completing daily missions.

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How to play:

How To Play Danger Dash