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To stay alive in, players must collaborate with others to construct shelters, mine for resources, construct buildings, and discover the island's hidden secrets. This free and accessible survival game, Tribals, blends elements from other popular games like Minecraft, Rust, and ARK Survival.

How to play

You may establish your own outpost and explore the island on your own or with others. There's a wide variety of activities to partake in, from chasing chickens and avoiding bears to constructing massive fortresses and building an arsenal of weaponry. It's impossible to be bored when there are so many resources to collect and much more to create. Start from scratch with a brand new persona and see how long you can last in the wild.

While on the island, you should avoid depleting your hunger and thirst by exploring too much. You can find two different types of loot across the island. The objects may be what was in a player's bag when they died, or they could be native to the island. You must explore the world in search of various sources of sustenance, such as leaves, maize, coconuts, bananas, berries, and more. You can kill and skin any wild animal you come across. Can you become the most powerful tribe on this island?


Position: WASD

To begin, press the space bar.

Keyboard shortcut: Left Mouse Button

In order to activate the microphone, please press the T button.

Use a texting service: Constructing a Menu with the Right-Click