Winter Clash 3D

Winter Clash 3D
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In the Clash 3D series, Winter Clash 3D is a festive take on the classic shooter formula. As part of Santa's army, you'll be taking on a group of rebellious elves. To ensure your team's success, you must locate and employ the map's secret superweaponry. You have an even greater influence on the battlefield, make sure to level up your character. Make your way to the top of the kill list by killing as many enemies as possible.

How to play

Do your part to protect the holiday season by fighting on the front lines. Look at those dudes over there! They're Santa's elves, and they're rebelling against the harsh circumstances of the workshop. Obviously, you want to top the leaderboard by eliminating as many opponents as possible. Make them pay with Santa's sniper gun. To ensure a one-shot kill, aim at the target's head while keeping your scope at its highest magnification. You also gain points that may be used on enhancements that will benefit you throughout the game.


To navigate, use the arrow keys (and maybe WASD)

Use the Mouse to Aim and Fire

If you press the spacebar, you'll leap.

A - Turn Lock On/Off

How to play:

How To Play Winter Clash 3D