A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice
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The rhythm game A Dance of Fire and Ice is stunning, but it's also quite difficult due to the game's regulations. You're in charge of directing the orbits of two planets around each other and it's not easy! Maintain your concentration as you steer two revolving planets down a course without upsetting their delicate balance.

How to play

Maintain the delicate balance of the two orbs as you guide them around the screen. Make your way through several twisting passageways and groove to the killer music. To advance in line, time your button press with the rhythm. In order to get in step, tap along with the rhythm. Pay close attention to keeping the two planets in their delicate equilibrium as you steer them down a path. This game is all about the beat, so focus on that rather than your visuals. Experience the game's soundtrack and learn its mechanics to beat it. To what extent do you think you'll be able to explore these three worlds?


Navigate quickly and easily between a wide variety of musical styles and fantastical landscapes. Start with 20 diverse worlds that all have their own rhythms and geometries. There are unique hand-drawn fantasy landscapes on each planet, as well as small introductory levels and a substantial boss level.

There is the option of either an automatic or manual calibration procedure. Play this precise rhythm game by listening to the music instead of watching it.


Press any key on the keyboard that you like.