Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors
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Vampire Survivors is a time-separation survival game using roguelite mechanics and a minimalistic approach to gameplay. There is nowhere to run; all you can do is try to make it through a cursed night and collect as much gold as you can for the next survivor before your efforts are cut short by the inevitable arrival of Death.

How to play

Vampire Survivors tasks you with eliminating hordes of monsters so that you can make it until morning. It's like Rogue-lite, but with a gothic horror theme. where your decisions can swiftly catapult you to victory over the hundreds of foes hurled at you. Face off against swarms of foes, wipe off creatures, and make it through the game as the lone survivor!

Keep going as long as you can, for eventually death will put an end to your ordeal. Save up your gold from each run to invest in new abilities and supplies for the next player. Make the most of your potential as a fighter by constantly honing your abilities. Make the most of this hero's survival by fighting off hazardous demons without compassion.