Monster Tracks

Monster Tracks
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Monster Tracks, a free online monster truck driving game. Extreme off-road driving game featuring hundreds of stages and a wide variety of vehicles (including monster trucks). Use speed and stopping to your advantage as you avoid hazards. Enjoin!

How to play

The ultimate objective throughout all levels is to reach the end of the training. Applying the brakes and boosting the accelerator gradually will get you through the difficulties. You need to keep your equilibrium while driving so you don't have to start over and risk crashing. The drawback is that you might use the saved cash to upgrade your truck with newer and nicer components.


  • Gameplay is accomplished via point-and-click or keyboard-and-mouse input
  • Use the forward direction keys (W, D, X, Up arrow, Right arrow) to guide your ship.
  • Reverse course by pressing S, A, Z, Down arrow, Left arrow, and Enter.

Who created Monster Tracks?

Monster Tracks is created and developed by Martin Magni from Fancade.