Clash of Heroes

Clash of Heroes
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In Clash of Heroes, speed is of the essence for victory. Recruit your army, launch attacks on neighboring realms, and crush your enemies to claim victory. Conquer a variety of lands while adventuring. Please be generous with your concessions. Now is your chance to prove that you are the true hero.

How to play

For defensive and offensive maneuvers, you must shift your heroes to the blue side of the remaining lines. Once a hero is used on the ground, you must wait for them to reappear before using another. In the meantime, your opponents may go ahead and launch attacks on your towers, reducing the number of guards in each structure. That's why picking the right moment and the most capable troops is so crucial. The victor is the team that eliminates all enemy soldiers from the field. After each victory, you'll gain medals, experience, and gold that may be used to strengthen your castle and your warriors, preparing you to take on increasingly difficult foes. Put your war-winning skills to the test and see how far you can get.


Among its many features are a vibrant 2D visual style, multiple challenging levels, and a fun, simple gameplay mechanic. Save data may be backed up to the cloud; tower, hero, and item Settings Can Be Upgraded.

How to play:

Make a deck with at least three heroes in it, and then select a difficulty. During combat, select a card from your hand, click and drag it to the field; the hero will appear if you have enough points to call him.