Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux
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Well-known as a killer game, Gun Mayhem Redux is prepared to wipe out any and all competition. Participants in this challenging conflict need not only to be strong and flexible, but also to be skilled with their weapons. See how far you can get by overcoming a series of ever more challenging obstacles. Get your hands on new weaponry frequently to improve your ability to wipe out your foes.

How to play

In this first-person shooter arena, you may create a unique character and equip them with an assortment of weaponry to ensure they are well-equipped to face any challenge. Start with a tutorial to get a feel for the game's mechanics, then enter the game with a plan to wipe out every opponent. It's important to constantly upgrade your arsenal in order to outgun your foes. It's dangerous to get too close to the edge of the cliff.

You can challenge the computer, or up to three other people, to a game that you design. Combat can be undertaken against other players or the computer. Take on the computer or up to three other players in intense arena battles. This updated cartoon has more going on and less filler. 21 different weapons, each with two firing modes. Acquire mastery of them and you can easily beat your pals. If you're looking for a unique spin on traditional battle methods, try out the all new Domination Mode.

How to play:

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump, Z = Shoot, X = Dynamite