Swipe Runner

Swipe Runner
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This new race, called Swipe Runner, requires you to select a vehicle. Simply swipe left to skip and right to acquire items. Assist our hero in getting there. Choose the precise vehicle or mode of transportation for movement. Win the race against your rival. It's time to use Swipe Runner to find the ideal vehicle for you to move forward!

How to play

You will be moving along a lengthy path filled with obstacles in this game. There will be a lot of hills and ups and downs to navigate. But regardless of how difficult the going gets or how much work is required, you should cross the finish line ahead of your competitor. You must therefore choose your vehicle to transport you there extremely carefully for each section of this road.

Now choose left or right by swiping the available car selections. Drag the shown vehicle to the right if you want to use it, and to the left if not. Depending on the ramps or other details, choose between the bike, the automobile, and the tall pokey sticks. Simply outrun your opponent in speed to earn all the points!

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