Awesome Run 2

Awesome Run 2
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The goal of Awesome Run 2 is to become the greatest runner of all time. Your instructor visited you again and persuaded you to start running once more. Do not let him down! Run races to earn money that you can then spend to enhance your hero.

How to play

With the running game Awesome Run 2, you can compete in a difficult championship with other experienced runners. Gather those energizes to enable you to sprint faster than your competitors. Just be sure to avoid all the obstacles so you can reach the summit without getting stuck.

Use whatever weapon you can discover to fight your opponents on the track! To become the greatest champion, you must slow them down and avoid hazards. This huge runner game has no guidelines! Do everything in your power to win the race, even hitting your rival and using a dopping directly on the track! Spend less time killing off your character's skill and more time assisting him in becoming a true celebrity!

Become the world's top runner! Reach the goal without following any rules!