Sausage Run

Sausage Run
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A difficult runner game called Sausage Run. To get out of the kitchen, aid the sausage. Escape for your life! How long will you be able to endure this wild online challenge? For additional points and to buy new skins, collect coins.

How to play

In this incredibly entertaining app-based game, you must jump, dive, and sprint while avoiding all of the hazardous obstacles. Continue moving forward while attempting to surpass your prior scores so that you can boast to your friends about your incredibly high score. To win, the red wacky sausage needs your assistance in running faster than the other sausages. Don't allow the sausages win this enjoyable race game where they compete for first place! Play this fun game and have fun!


Get the sausage to the finish line by overcoming obstacles in a variety of challenging levels with a range of difficulties from very easy to very hard. This game is simple to play and has loads of amusing features. Intelligent control. Playing the game is easy but difficult. Pleasant and stylish graphic designs