Jungle Run OZ

Jungle Run OZ
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In Jungle Run OZ, you take control of a monstrosity freshly brought to life by Frankenstein's electrical current in an infinite running game. Getting upset with a mischievous youngster for stealing your magic elixir is only normal. Make use of the environment by avoiding hazards and picking up healing items. Are you prepared to risk death to get the potion?

How to play

Time yourself as you try to remain alive while moving quickly. Take charge of a man-made monster and go on the hunt for the person who created it. In your magical woodland, you must escape via its stone bridges. However, watch out for the mines and other traps. As you recover more potions, your score will rise. There are a variety of zombies to play as, and your character may be mutated to give you an edge. Let's see how far you can trail the boy and how much of your magic potion you can collect.

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How to play:

How To Play Jungle Run OZ