Money Rush 3D

Money Rush 3D
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Money Rush 3D is an exciting new collectibles arcade game. You'll get a taste of the difficulties that wealth may bring in Money Rush 3D. You must earn enough cash and shoot the approaching garments to go through the game. In order to get to the farthest point, you need to spend money to clear a path, save money to keep your feet on the platform, and spend the most money possible. Just give it a shot now, okay? Experience the Money Rush in 3D!

How to play

How you choose to handle the benefits and drawbacks of wealth is a personal choice. You can control your character by holding down the "hold" button, but doing so costs real money. By purchasing an item and donning it, you can clear a way through the racks of clothing. Get paid more quickly by shooting all the clothing. Furthermore, this game is an excellent means of relieving tension. As you race to the end, try to maintain a sense of style in your wardrobe. Money is scattered all over the floor, so pick it up to replenish your wallet. In the end, you'll get more points if you manage to keep it full. Also, it's a great way to kill time when you're otherwise bored. Put the finishing touches on your ensemble with a pair of adorable wings, and then snag the remaining stacks of cash before taking the stage. Explore various approaches to determine what yields the best results.


I enjoyed the game's unique take on genre. Massive naval fights! Absolutely stunning and vibrant visuals! Very user-friendly layout! Handling is a breeze.

How to play:

How To Play Money Rush 3D