Boboiboy Galaxy Run

Boboiboy Galaxy Run
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Boboiboy Galaxy Run is an exciting and challenging side-scrolling running game set in a perilous platform world. You must guide the little Boboi to the exit, guard the Power Spheres and save the galaxy from the bad guys. To access their abilities, characters must be unlocked. Have fun!

How to play

Most of the planet is now ruled by malevolent androids. We must now mobilize all available resources to bring Earth back to its former glory. While you direct them, you can rest easy knowing that these heroes are expert shotgunners and can take care of a few robots. As your character converts robots into energy, he or she must jump and duck to avoid danger. You'll need as much energy as possible to do things like resurrect your hero, access new characters, and bypass objectives. Take on new tasks and finish them to increase your character's score and progress through the game.


High-quality 2D animation
Simple settings
Characters that can be unlocked
Adorable visual style used for the character
For kids and adults alike

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How to play:

Left-clicking to jump
Left-click twice to jump twice.
Drag left and click downward to descend
Click and drag left to create a dash (when power is full)