Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster
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Roller Coaster lets you take control of your favorite amusement park attraction. Control the train, pick up new riders, and protect them from the hazards. Can you pass all the obstacles and enjoy all the insane loopings? Guide your train down a dangerous roller coaster track at rapid speeds.

How to play

This game allows you to create your ideal amusement park, complete with the wildest rides, and operate them anyway you see fit. Draw the lines of your rides, select how much you earn, and reach the finish line with no mishaps! To control your train's direction, grab it using your mouse or finger and drag it left and right. To avoid the obstacles and traps on the track, you must tilt to the opposite side. You can get new riders on your train by getting your train to touch them. Protect these clients and hold on until the finish to receive some unexpected rewards. To increase your earnings, you should have as many people as possible in attendance.


Enjoyable amusement park motif

Doses with a high potential for addiction

Vivid 3D images

Available skins that need to be unlocked

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How to play:

How To Play Roller Coaster