Monster Rush

Monster Rush
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In Monster Rush, you'll meet some adorable monsters and have to battle some nefarious ones. Even though you're dealing with some of the deadliest beasts on the planet, you're not in this alone. Find and amass a collection of monsters fit for war. Prepare for some monster mayhem! Participate in monster trainer games to hone your combat skills and test them against the best.

How to play

Let the monster against. monster games begin! A thrilling adventure awaits you, and along the way you'll have to run quickly to reach and battle terrifying beasts. At the end of the journey, you will meet some friendly monsters that will follow you and fight on your behalf. Your initial step should be to use the tokens you have to set them free. You may acquire these coins by using these services. Release your pocket monster's full potential, construct an effective fighting squad, and level up to legendary status! The time has come to save the world from these demons.

Key features

Get the best team's monster balls.Evolve the Monster Battle against other players


Hurry to the monster arena, gather Monster balls, and capture monsters to add to your squad.

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