Hero Tower Wars

Hero Tower Wars
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In Hero Tower Wars, you'll be able to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test as you help your knight vanquish a wide variety of foes. You'll be on the lookout for weapons while attempting to rescue the princess. If you want to take down the enemy towers, you'll need to recruit and level up a powerful army of your own. Have fun!

How to play

You'll be on your own against waves of foes in this turn-based strategy game. Both towers will play a major role in the wars to come. You may easily defeat your foes by just clicking on your character and dragging it from its tower to the appropriate slots of the adversaries' tower. The underlying idea is that you can defeat your opponents if they have less points than you have. You'll be assigned a primary objective to work towards at the beginning of each chapter. Get the fight started and show me what you're made of!


Possibility of difficulty adjustment over a range of settings Amazing visuals, stunning environments, varied daily quests, and plenty more

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