Gold Tower Defense

Gold Tower Defense
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Keep the wealth safe from the monsters in this classic tower defense game, Gold Tower Defense. Remember that the monsters may appear from anywhere and even utilize tunnels to sneak up on you, so be on the lookout. To get your hands on minerals for tower upgrades and construction early on. It's best to unleash waves of foes as soon as possible. As you complete levels, you'll be given stars to collect and use to unlock bonus content.

How to play

Right now, you're in the middle of nowhere with your army and weaponry and your brilliant plans. It is critical to constantly upgrade your troops and equipment in order to win battles against waves of warriors attacking your town. Only by killing every opponent that appears before they reach the level's finish will you be able to complete the level successfully. Placing your soldiers in advantageous locations is a must. It's important to get a head start on the enemy by launching waves of them early on so you can collect resources for tower upgrades and construction. Later on, you'll be able to advance to higher levels and equip yourself with more powerful abilities in preparation for even tougher conflicts.


• Vibrant, 2D visuals

• A large number of levels to go through

• Daily challenges

• The ability to customize your tower, hero and items.

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