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When playing, you'll feel like you're actually playing the sport outside. Catch the yellow balls as they race through the white ones in this fun and simple game. Can you handle the fast pace of the game?

How to play

You won't find any similarities between regular football and this skill game. You need to collect the yellow balls while avoiding the white ones. Move your character around the screen by typing. If any of your lives are depleted from touching the white orbs, you've lost. The number of yellow balls you've collected is displayed in the middle of the score and the life counter. In the footer, you'll find the timer that serves as your true adversary. When your timer expires, you'll receive fewer points. If you're lucky, you might find a boost that lets you go faster, restores health, makes you immune to damage, or slows down the enemy balls. As you race against the clock to gather the yellow ball, keep an eye out for random extras that will help you out in various ways. Let's see how quickly you can finish everything!

Key feature

Child-friendly simple controls and a random bonus system

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How to play:

How To Play

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