Goalkeeper Wiz

Goalkeeper Wiz
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Enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest as you train to become a world-class goalie with Goalkeeper Wiz. It's time to put on your gloves and take your place on the goal line. It's up to you to guide your squad to a championship victory. Each player on the opposing team has ten shots per game, and it's your job to stop as many of them as possible. Your team will gain a goal for every three saves your goalkeeper makes. Is it possible to develop into a savvy goalie?

How to Play

To avoid firing unnecessary rounds, you'll use the mouse to control a pair of gloves inside the gate. Your team scores a goal after every three stops.Prove your agility by dodging shots and leaping from one side of the goal to the other as your opponents lob the ball at you. How many hard shots do you think you could take? When you make a save, your team gets closer to scoring a goal. The time has come for your squad to go for the gold at the world championships.

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How to play:

How To Play Goalkeeper Wiz

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