Puppet Hockey

Puppet Hockey
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Hey, guys! Let's go out and play some hockey in Puppet Hockey! In this entertaining sporting competition, the puppets go head to head. Pick your nationality and get ready to skate, leap and score goals for your team against the other!

How to play

A hockey match between you and another puppet player! No matter who stands in your way, you must beat your rivals to win this game. For the next round, you have 60 seconds to outscore your opponent. It's crucial to rack up as many points as possible now so that the hockey world knows who the true king is. It's important to keep the puck from getting past your defenses when you're trying to score. You can begin the tournament by picking your favorite team and then working to extend their winning streak as long as feasible.


If you want to hear the music, tap or click the arrow. Make your choice and pick a side. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the game's environment. You can jump with the UP key. To control your hockey stick and take shots, press "F". To win, you must beat the clock.