Super Goal

Super Goal
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If you're a fan of soccer and want to play a fun game, you should check out Super Goal. Help the ball find its way into the net by drawing a path there. Make the most of your kicks by avoiding the defense and the goalkeeper. What's the limit on how far you can go if you're only allowed three misses?

How to play

Draw out a plan for where to aim the ball's shot. It's entirely up to you to decide where and how far the ball goes. Go for the goal in three tries or less by shooting through hoops, around cones, and past goalkeepers. In this fun football game, you have the opportunity to score as many goals as you can. Avoid the opposing team's defenses by flicking the ball around the board. Score a goal by kicking the ball into the goalposts. Keep an eye on that health bar, because if it's empty, game over! Put your abilities to the test and achieve the highest possible scores and achievements.Super Goal's point system is gold coins, and your goal is to amass as many as possible and achieve a new high score. Compete with other players online in an arcade version of soccer.


Use your finger to control the ball and steer clear of other players as you try to score.

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How to play:

How To Play Super Goal

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