Body Race

Body Race
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Playing Body Race online is a great way to have fun while learning about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. If you've been eating well and avoiding fast food, you should be able to make it to the finish line and earn some prizes. Those who are concerned with their health should not delay in giving this game a go.

How to Play

In Body Race, a casual game, players pick the foods they eat and the exercises they perform in order to achieve a certain body type. There will be a gender change, and you'll become a woman. Eat more fruits and vegetables if you want to keep your health in check, meet new people, and get into your favorite outfits without having to unlock them. It's imperative that you amass an assortment of fresh, nutritious greens and fruit. In addition to using appropriate equipment like weights, treadmills, skipping ropes, etc. Charm comes in all shapes and sizes. You will rule the catwalk, win the race, and turn heads in your state-of-the-art outfit. Having a healthy body will allow you to meet potential suitors and try on lovely garments after you have arrived at your destination. Maintain a healthy body image. Enjoy yourself to the fullest!


Video games for physical fitness

Beautiful animation and visual art

Minimalist game design

Intricate Layering

Accumulate points for a prize.

Instructions for Participation

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How to play:

How To Play Body Race

Controls may be manipulated by mouse or touchscreen.