Balloon Run

Balloon Run
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You must control your character in the exhilarating running game Balloon Run in order to go past all barriers and reach the finish line first. Every level is a carefully thought-out runway. For some weekend fun with family, friends, or just to unwind after a long job, try out some of the other jogging games in our collection. excellent experience

How to play

You play as a little child in the fantastic 3D running game Balloon Run, which requires you to cross numerous hazardous terrains. You must climb floors by gathering balloons of the same color on the track and finishing the stages. If you gather balloons of different colors, your balloon will deflate.

To move, swipe either left or right.

- Tap up to jump. Desktop: Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate.

- Press the up arrow to jump.

- Press the space bar to start the game over.

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