Juicy Run

Juicy Run
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Welcome to Juicy Run, where we are confident that if you genuinely like the previous 3D running games on our website, you will also enjoy this one and your talents will be put to the test in a novel way!

How to play

Undoubtedly, one of the wackiest fruit-chopping games this summer is Juicy Run. You can discover the most bizarre method of cutting fruit in the world in this game by utilizing the constantly revolving gears to slice fruit on the platform, which has an addictive gameplay and 3D art style! The whirling saw blade can be lowered by clicking and holding the mouse button or your finger while doing so, and it can be raised again by letting go of the button. Shred as many things as you can, even if that means firing tiny red knives. Notably, you can even use it to chop the platform while having fun with this wild fruit-chopping game!

After that, you can finish daily tasks, improve your saw blade, and purchase new skins. Juicy Run offers hours of fun because to its vibrant colors and engaging missions. Golden levels can also be unlocked by collecting treasure chest keys or spinning the wheel of fate.

Key Feature

  • Genre-appropriately engaging gameplay!
  • Beautiful and vibrant graphics
  • Simple controls


  • Click or tap to navigate.
  • Start right away, see how far you can get, and keep making smoothies!