Squid Gun Fest

Squid Gun Fest
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Gun Fest continues the legacy of Squid Gun Fest. The two most played games in recent memory have been combined into one game. You have the Squid Gun Fest game, which has a Squid Game theme. With no end to the game's levels and six distinct weapons, you may play straight now. A wonderful time!

How to play

You will take on the role of a squid in this game and engage in combat with other squids. Shooting the bullets while swimming is the game's core idea. You'll need to upgrade your weapons and vehicle while accumulating points. You will begin each level with a straightforward automobile and a single shot type weapon. Players take on the role of squids and try to hit rival squids in the tentacles to win points. The goal of Squid Gun Fest is to accumulate the most points possible, not to kill other animals. For feeding, bathing, and playing with their squid, players can earn points.


Play this game using a mouse or touchpad.