Running Bot

Running Bot
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Online game Running Bot is a fantastic casual runner. Controlling your robot while avoiding numerous obstacles like stones and trees is the object of the game. Are you prepared for the difficulties? Play now!

How to play

Control your robot to dodge obstacles (trees and rocks), and gather Christmas gifts to improve the robot's health and powerups. For more advantages, gather the power-up goods (shields, magnets, and magical wings). Continue running as far as you can to set new records and move up the leaderboard.

At the same time, you amass Christmas gifts and enhance your possessions and health. The player benefits from having magic wings, a magnet, and a fortified shield! Isn't that a solid beginning for a casual internet game? Activate the response and the will to succeed to reap more benefits! Run as far as you can to break records and move up the leaderboard!


- To move, swipe left or right. 

- To jump, swipe up. Desktop: 

- To move, use the left and right arrow keys. 

- Jump by pressing the up arrow. 

- Replay the game by pressing the space bar.